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  • 23 January 2018 on prospect.io

    The 3 Essential Steps to Mastering Social Selling

    If you ever wondered how to approach social selling, this is it: Jack Kosakowski is nothing short of one of the leaders in the field.

    In this interview, we talk about: social selling, sales and marketing alignment and why loving your customers is essential.

  • 27 December 2017 on prospect.io

    The Ultimate Cold Email Checklist For 2018

    Writing great cold emails is simple, but no one said it was easy. Well, I’ll make it easy for you with this ultimate cold email checklist for 2018!

  • 07 December 2017 on prospect.io

    The #1 Mistake Startup Founders Make When it Comes to Sales

    One of the most -if not THE most- crucial part of launching a startup is to sell your product. The thing is, lots of founders have no idea how to approach that specific aspect of their job.