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  • 29 March 2018 on prospect.io

    How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Email Sequence [Blueprints]

    I’m not going to tell you that 48% of salespeople never follow up because that statistic is fake.

    What I’m going to tell you, however, is that I receive enough cold emails to know that most of them aren’t followed up on. What I’m also going to tell you is that we at Prospect.io help hundreds of customers write their follow-up email sequences, because most of the time, they’re pretty bad.

  • 12 March 2018 on prospect.io

    11 Myths Your Marketing Team Believes About Cold Email

    A staggering number entrepreneurs and marketers tend -to the dismay of sales leaders- to discard cold email as a method to recruit customers. I believe this situation to be due to misguided beliefs and hard to budge myths!

    Let’s debunk them and unleash the untapped potential of cold email!

  • 23 January 2018 on prospect.io

    The 3 Essential Steps to Mastering Social Selling

    If you ever wondered how to approach social selling, this is it: Jack Kosakowski is nothing short of one of the leaders in the field.

    In this interview, we talk about: social selling, sales and marketing alignment and why loving your customers is essential.